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Ready to Blur Borders and Expand your Business?

In the Global market, challenges like cultural differences and intense competition abound. Asiancy’s Connect, Collaborate, and Conquer approach overcomes these obstacles. With expertise in cross-cultural strategies, we guide Effective Expansion, Blur Borders, and Unlock Potential.

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Achieving Full Potential


Asiancy values cultural nuances and relationships. We prioritize building meaningful connections with clients and partners, understanding your unique needs, fostering trust, and forming the foundation of collaboration.


With our Done With You model, we actively collaborate throughout your journey, navigating challenges, seizing opportunities, and celebrating successes. This approach ensures you gain valuable insights, skills, and market confidence.


Armed with collaboration insights, we are assured to conquer markets. Our combined efforts assure growth, equipping you with strategies and tools for success. Together, we will make an indelible impact, establishing your dominance in the industry.

Lorenzo Pereira

Lorenzo Pereira

Cross-Cultural Consultant

I help Asian Entrepreneurs Build Businesses and Blur Borders in Europe so that they can go Multinational. I have years of experience in Asia and Europe, understanding the challenges and opportunities Businesses face when expanding into new markets.

Asiancy: Connecting, Collaborating, and Conquering Together

Partnering for Success

At Asiancy, we understand the importance of cultural nuances and the power of partnership. By Connecting deeply with our clients and partners, we build meaningful relationships based on trust and mutual understanding.

Through our innovative Done With You model, we actively Collaborate throughout your journey, providing tailored solutions that address your unique needs. Together, we navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve remarkable success. Our expertise in both Asian and European markets ensures we deliver exceptional results.

With Asiancy as your partner, you will Conquer the market with confidence, gaining a larger market share, increasing sales, and maximizing profits! Join us today in making a lasting impact and establishing your industry dominance.

Who We Are.

At Asiancy we provide full-service Business Development and Marketing Services that help you grow your Business presence in Europe with customized solutions.

Our Vision.

To be the catalyst for Asian-European Business connections, helping Businesses reach their full potential through Business Development and Marketing.

Our Mission.

Connecting Asian ambition with European opportunity through tailored Business Development and Marketing solutions.

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