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Tailored Strategies for Consumer Engagement and Business Growth


Our Marketing (B2C) services boost your brand’s visibility and engagement in today’s competitive market. At Asiancy, we create personalized marketing strategies that connect with consumers, building trust and loyalty. We utilize the latest technologies and trends to craft impactful content and campaigns, driving conversions and ensuring your brand stands out. Our services range from social media management and influencer collaborations to SEO, covering all aspects of digital marketing.


Business Development.

Our Business Development (B2B) services help you navigate your business through international market complexities, supporting expansions and optimizations. Asiancy offers comprehensive strategies from market entries to supply chain improvements and partnership formations. With expertise in Asian and European markets, we bridge cultural divides and streamline operations. This lets you focus on core business functions while we manage market research, planning, and implementation for smooth, profitable growth.


Our Tailored Solutions.

Startup Essentials.

Perfect for small businesses or startups looking to kickstart their growth, the Startup Essentials Package offers a ‘do-it-yourself‘ approach and access to foundational tools and resources to help you get started on your journey.

Key Features:

Price: Coming Soon

Business Accelerator.

The Business Accelerator Package is perfect for medium-sized businesses looking to scale. This ‘done-with-you‘ service involves close collaboration to implement systems and strategies that drive growth.

Key Features:

Price: €650 – €3,500/month

Entreprise Excellence.

The Enterprise Excellence Package is a complete ‘done-for-you‘ service for large enterprises seeking comprehensive solutions. We manage and optimize your operations for guaranteed success.

Key Features:

Price: €3,500+/month

Find Your Perfect Package.

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Not sure which service package suits your business best? Book a free Discovery call with Lorenzo, our expert in Business Development. He’ll help you navigate your options and recommend the perfect fit to ensure your success. Ready to take the first step? Let’s Blur Borders and Build your Business together.

Lorenzo Pereira
Business Developer